Business Entity Services

In the world of company planning, corporate transactions, and related finance, Vezina Law Group provides representation and counseling with respect to virtually all areas of transactional and business law. Our experience group is composed of attorneys with a wide range of practice areas who focus on specific areas of corporate planning, entity formation, general counsel services after formation, and litigation and risk management practices.

We represent businesses ranging from small family-owned operations to large private corporations in a variety of industries, including banking, corporate finance, aviation, trucking, real estate, engineering, construction, manufacturing, retailing, healthcare, and transportation. We also regularly represent nonprofit charitable organizations and educational institutions in connection with their ongoing business and commercial transactions.

We also represent clients in specialized transactions, including asset acquisitions, physician practice and other related healthcare mergers and acquisitions, private placement investment, secured and unsecured lending, lease transactions, aircraft and maritime transactions and financing, commercial leasing, bankruptcy creditor representation, and venture capital and emerging company related transactions.

When litigation arises by or between companies, our experienced attorneys at Vezina Law Group provide litigation counsel to advise our clients and to meet the unique needs of each client regardless of size. Our attorneys and their diverse practices provide a broad respective to each case on a cost effective basis. We have extensive experience in business and commercial litigation in such fields as healthcare, employment, insurance, transportation (aviation and trucking), and professional liability, among other areas.

In representing our healthcare clients, we strive to understand the demands of their businesses to make their goals our top priority. We offer our clients guidance involving the range of legal issues that confront businesses in the healthcare industry, including particular areas of interest such as healthcare reform, contractual relationships, contract negotiations, labor and employment issues, immigration, tax, and other operational matters peculiar to healthcare related entities.

For clients working to expand or form new ventures, these companies may take different shapes, forms, and entities, but they all have legal needs that Vezina Law Group can address to ensure long-term success.

The formation stage of a company can be the most crucial for a new company. The formation and entity choice is the bedrock upon which the venture will proceed forward. Vezina Law Group counsels clients on business strategy and planning, entity selection, location, and formation options, as well as governance and management. Vezina Law Group also assists clients which seek to raise capital from institutional and individual investors, as well as clients with technology needs.

On contractual issues, Vezina Law Group has vast experience advising clients on the myriad of contract issues attendant to the formation of relationships and other transactions. We review, negotiate, and advocate for particular positions in contracts and help our clients manage those contracts by creating systems and forms which are important to support the contracts and for the daily operations of their business.

Beyond the start-up phase of a company, we offer a variety of programs and services, both legal and instructional, to provide our clients with cost effective legal services for new companies or new businesses. Understanding that entities without in-house counsel often need to address routine legal matters on an expedited and predictable cost-basis, Vezina Law Group offers general counsel services at flat fee regimes as part of our long-term commitment to our clients.

At Vezina Law Group, we believe strongly that clients benefit from value-added lawyers who believe in advancing their client’s businesses beyond their legal needs. To that effect, we seek to expand opportunities for our clients in every possible realm, from directing our clients to available entities that have significant experience in advising on both debt and equity financing (including various venture capital and angel investors), to facilitating networking, to cross-referring clients to each other whenever appropriate.

In sum, Vezina Law Group assists clients throughout all of their business and operation cycles. Our legal services may begin with corporate formation, but cover the full spectrum of legal and operational needs of our clients, including in-service functions related to day-to-day activities and litigation.