Collection Services

Vezina Law Group is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in large-receivable debt collection efforts, from simple collection all the way through litigation.

Vezina Law Group has years of experience in handling consumer and commercial collection matters. We have secured recoveries for condominium associations, healthcare entities, surgery centers, and retail operations. Our techniques and strategies adhere strictly to the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, as well as other regulations governing the conduct of debt collectors.

Our collection services include management of the receivables (including notifications), follow-up collection efforts, handling of funds, and accounting for clients. In addition, we regularly negotiate settlements and execute supporting documentation in lieu of actual litigation, including but not limited to the securitization of collateral while payments are being negotiated. We also provide full litigation collection services, including discovery, trials, appeals, and post-judgment collection efforts where necessary. Vezina Law Group handles electronic payment forms to settle accounts and has an attorney network throughout the country in the event litigation has to be filed in other jurisdictions.

Using Vezina Law Group early in the collection process is extremely cost-effective. The use of our services before accounts become stale sends a strong signal to debtors that their account is being taken seriously and will be prosecuted if necessary. It also reduces distraction of employees as it directs them to the productive endeavors of the company and away from collections. Many of our clients find that turning accounts over to us early leads to greater recoveries and lower collection costs. Thus, our services reduce the overhead that comes from unpaid bills and growing past due receivables.

We typically perform commercial collection work on a contingency basis which is based on the age of the debt, the type of affirmative defenses available to the debtor, the size of the debt, and the financial condition of the debtor. In addition, we do collection work on a case by case basis for hourly or flat fee work should the need arise.

Finally and most importantly, we recognize the valued relationship between our clients and their debtors and make it our job to preserve those relationships where appropriate, as well as to advance the reputation and good will of the clients’ business. Whenever possible, we attempt to create novel solutions to maximize recovery, while promoting and preserving the continuing nature of the business relationships at stake.